Sustain power

1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity today. 80 % of these people live in rural areas, far away from centralized power generation. This is a significant part of the world’s population that cannot be reached with utility scale power production.

In 2018, Norsk Solar invested in Sustain Power, a South African company that develops containerized, high-quality and robust solutions for sustainable power generation off-grid and on-grid.

The containers can be moved anywhere, and provide affordable electricity based on solar to clients in both the residential and industrial market. These types of solutions are flexible, and can help more people get access to fossil-free, renewable energy.

Floating Solar

Lack of available land area and conflict of land use is a problem in many countries. As part of Norsk Solar’s ethical guidelines, we will ensure that all projects are without danger of population displacement, misuse of arable land or disturbing endangered wildlife or fauna.

By using available surface area on lakes or near shoreline, floating solar will ensure a solar power plant is built without negative impact.

Floating solar will give benefits from higher solar performance due to cooling effects. Norsk Solar has since 2018 been working on various innovative designs and solutions for developing a new and flexible floating solar technology. The project is supported by Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian Research Council. Norsk Solar works closely with Global Maritime and Renewable Energy Maldives (REM) in the deployment of the solutions.

Solar panels floating on water